Pfalzer Weinsteig Day 9: Dernbach to Annweiler am Trifels

walked 22.17 km

climbed 825 m

This was our 27th anniversary, and a very nice way to spend it.

We started more or less directly up into the woods, where we passed our second or third – but not the last – “clinic” (residential hospital) of the walk. The fresh air of the Palatinate woods is reckoned excellent for those needing psychic rest or grappling with addictions, we have learned.

There was no food shop or bakery in Dernbach, so we set our hopes on the first town, Eusserthal. Like many other places, it had the air of a tidy ghost town, but I was NOT leaving without some food. So I left Rand and our packs in a central location and roamed the town until eventually finding a very picked-over bakery. I got a few pastries, an orange pop and a sleeve of cookies.

A typical small Palatinate town, where it appears that everyone has been whisked up to heaven – possibly because there is so little food to be had.

A few more km through the chestnut and oak forests under our belt and we found a perfect place to enjoy this feast. It was a dedicated walker’s rest stop, with picnic tables and view of not one, not two but THREE castles.

Pastries, pop and cookies for lunch.
And a castle view too.

There was another climb into the hills and another cool rocky outcrop with outstanding views before the day was over, and we strolled into Annweiler am Trifels. Here we had accommodation above an ice cream factory! And it was in the centre of town, and had a view of the main square, and was everything nice.

There was a bit of time for shopping and exploring this lovely town, which I do recommend a visit to.

Annweiler is lovely!

Eventually, we washed up at an odd bar whose name , Rotbarbe (?) translated to Red Beard, and we had our afternoon reward, which in my case, means an Aperol Spritz and for Rand it was a schorle.

Enjoying the late afternoon sun at Red Beard

After consulting Tripadvisor for some dinner ideas, this turned out to be one of the most favoured places in town, so we returned, after showers and some rest. Rand had the ubiquitous local specialty “rumpsteak,” and I had a yummy galette with salad.

Anniversary dinner

The only disappointing thing was that our ice cream place closed at 7 pm, but knowing this in advance, we found another place before heading back to our room over the Eiswerks.

Our room is on the third floor of the Eiswerks, far left.

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