Pfalzer Weinsteig Day 10: Annweiler am Trifels to Bad Bergzabern – the End of the Trail, sorta.

Distance: 24.9

Climbed: 1062m

So we knew all along that we had no accommodation at the end of this stage, which is at Klingenmunster. So, figure that out later….

Today was later. The ice cream factory had an associated cafe a few blocks away, and we had a really nice breakfast there.

So now, how to cover two stages in one day, to get to our reserved room in Bad Bergzabern?

As previously noted, there is such a plethora of signposted trails running along the Wein Strasse and throughout the Palatinate, that we felt confident we could do this.

We decided to do the first half of stage 10 along the steep track. This took us to Trifils castle, one of the marquee sights in the area, with views of and paths connecting to three other castle ruins.

A final castle

After exploring Trifels in depth, and seeing the other ruins from there, we descended to the town of Leinsweiler. There we jumped off the Weinsteig and onto the Wander Weg, an easier walking path along essentially the same route, but skirting the woods and vineyards, and much more direct.

I had a hug with a big tree.

In this manner, we were able to complete the stage by 2 pm, have a biggish lunch at Weinhof Pfeffer in Klingenmunster, and then do the next stage to Bad Bergzabern in about 2 hours, along the valley.

The Germans know how to make a salad.

Along the Weinsteig, these two stages totalled 29 km and a lot of climbing. We walked a total of about 24 km, the last 15 over less challenging terrain – although we still climbed over 1000 m.

Bacon and onion tart – a local favourite
A brace of schorle, with a sampler of neuwein

We had a fantastic apartment – Feriamwonung am Berg – in the old town for the rock bottom price of 65 euro, but not much energy to celebrate the end of our walk. Although there was one stage remaining, we had a tight schedule to meet our biking group in Konstanz on Sunday, so decided to cut the last stage to be sure we made it. We had a good train connection from Bad Bergzabern that we would not have at the official end of the walk in Schweigen Rectenbach, and therefore, the opportunity to arrive in Strasbourg in the afternoon, instead of late in the evening. So off to Konstanz, via Strasbourg, we go!

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