Pfalzer Weinsteig Day 6: Neustadt an der Weinstrasse to Sankt Martin

Walked 20.1 km

climbed 792 m

This is the longest stage of the Weinsteig and involves a lot of climbing.

First stop was the Hambach castle. We enjoyed the views but didn’t visit the museum.

There were some very cool natural rock formations along the way, but we were mostly concerned with the fact that since the weekend was over, all the hikers huts would be shut tight.

We learned here, once again, that signs displaying knives and forks did not guarantee that food would be available. But it was always nice to have hope!

And we were now carrying sufficient bits of food – including the delicious, but unfortunately named Mogenbrot (stomach bread). Yeah, the Germans have cleverly figured out that if you give a delicious cookie a gross name, you might not have to share it!

The high point of the Palatinate Forest is a peak called Kalmit. We had already climbed several hills nearly as high when it swam into view, a 1 km uphill detour from the trail. Having decided that we would have a similar view and similar deserted hiking hut as we had just seen on the next highest spot, we passed on this detour and began our final descent to Sankt Marten.

A hikers weather shelter. We saw a few of these but never had to use one
I appreciate this effort to protect my life from cars, but what about my head, huh?
A mercifully flat section of a hilly day.

We had a very nice hotel in Sankt Martin – Hotel Dalberg. After a few cold drinks at a nearby patio, we showered and returned to the same place for Poutine (Rand) and a schnitzel burger for me.

Heading for celebratory bevies. Knowing it could end any day, we ate, drank and relaxed outdoors at every opportunity

After dinner we had regained enough energy for a walk around town. This is certainly one of the more charming towns along the route, and would be an excellent base for some day hikes as well. We found a charming beer garden lit with white lights, but alas, bed was calling!

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